The Last 7 Days (through the eyes of an organic farmer)

I am very fortunate to have so many friends who are farmers.  This article was written by one of my favourite farmers and I think it’s so excellent that it needs to be shared.  The story of the last 7 days of civilization.  Where we have been and where we are headed.  Enjoy!


About 4.5 billion years ago, the planet earth started becoming a place suitable for plants and animals to live on. Cosmic developments laid the foundation for the earth to become fruitful and provide food and climate for a vast variety of plants and animals to develop, all dependent on each other in an unwritten harmony.

Then 2.5 million years ago, the first upright-walking Neanderthal entered the picture, and only 200 000 years ago, modern humans evolved.

This was the beginning of the last seven days.

In the morning of the first day, humans decided to turn their back on the paradise that provided everything. Humans decided to long for more and desire things they didn’t really need. At noon, they started to dig into the earth and melt ore into metal. In the evening, some domesticated animals and started farming.

On the second day, humans decided that they needed to conquer and rule their neighbours, and made them slaves to go out and fight wars for them to expand their territory and wealth.

On the third day, humans started abandoning power sources provided by the heavens, such as wind and water, and turned to sources deep in the ground, which were reserved for the devil to fuel hell’s fire of destruction.

On the fourth day, humans started to travel by land, sea and air. By noon, the earth looked like an anthill that had been poked with a stick by a monster promising a better future in far off places. Wars were fought in distant countries by allied forces over oil. This was a very pleasing day for the devil. People all over the world started to worship the economy and turned away from century-old beliefs in God. They were addicted to the devil’s oil and were contributing to the destruction of mankind for him.

On the fifth day, many decided to be free and abandon the laws of nature, seeking pleasure and fun, and joined the fast-growing crowd that demanded to be served at any cost. A great wave of human migration started, cultures and family values disappeared, and leisure was demanded without work. On the evening of the fifth day, few people knew or cared about where their food was coming from, where their waste will go, or who had given them the right to use up in one generation as much energy as all previous generations before them combined.

In the morning of the sixth day, a few humans discovered methods to split atoms and release immense power to be used for war and peace. That day, a race began for most nations to own as many nuclear weapons made from by-products of nuclear power generation. A danger was born that would kill hundreds of thousands and poison millions, as human senses were not designed to detect radiation and protect against radiation poisoning. By late morning, they had accumulated enough nuclear warheads to blow up the entire planet many times.By noon, people were very busy with studies, research and reports. They noticed that diversity started to die off, and the majority of domestic animal and plant species had disappeared forever. The fish and the trees, the birds and the bees. Many warned, but little was done, as everyone was taught from a young age to worship the economy as their main religion. Numbers and credit cards were more important than love, care and common sense.

In the evening, accidents happened, and radioactive clouds and contaminated ocean waters travelled around the world. At night, millions got poisoned, along with land, animals, oceans and the already diminishing places to grow food. Crippled children, born to the survivors, suffered the most. But very few noticed or heard their cries. Everyone was equipped with electronic devices playing brainwashing war games and noise that they called “music”.

At the dawn of the seventh day, genetic engineering gave a few companies the power to control farmers and food around the globe. Without permission, they took the power to invade the metabolism of every human and animal eating genetically modified food with proteins whose DNA had been manipulated to carry messages to produce poison and kill. By mid-morning, allergy- suffering children had become the norm.

At noon, everyone ate the same manufactured foodstuffs, as no one knew how to cook anymore. Food was no longer prepared by parents, but solely by profit-oriented factories.

In the hot afternoon, a few who pretended they were not affected by these changes, came together at a wealthy and well-designed corner of the planet for a last noisy dance to worship leisure, freedom and laziness. They danced on the pavement that covered a once-fertile field of farmland. But late that afternoon it got too hot to dance, the water for the gardens dried up, the drinkable water had too many residues, the food was sickening, the fuel rationed, and the electricity was shut off over negotiations with foreign shareholders.

The stage was set for riots and chaos, but there were not many people who were healthy, fit and knowledgeable enough to take any serious action.

In the evening of the seventh day, a few lonely figures walked off into the last sunset, leaving behind all the things people don’t need, in search for the place where people on the first day had left off. But there was no place untouched by the visible and invisible poisons in air, water, soil, plants and animals. There was no place unaffected by the rapid climate change. The harmony of nature was gone forever. The foundation of mankind was ripped from underneath and a very long night fell on earth.

That night, Nature chose the survivors from those with the deepest roots, strongest minds and skilled hands.

Linda Laepple in the fall of 2011


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