Food Freedom Rally – Queens Park Toronto – November 23, 2011

For those of you who have seen the difference that raw milk has made in your own health or the health of your children or loved ones, doesn’t this sign say it all!  Many of us are waking up to the benefits of raw milk and many people right across Canada came together today to rally for the freedom to choose this real food without government intervention.  The long and difficult battle that Michael Schmidt has fought since his farm was raided the first time in 2006 has become the battle of all raw milk drinkers across the country.  We’ve had enough of interference in our right to have access to this food.  It makes no sense to anyone who has experienced the improvement in health and wellbeing that has come from drinking raw milk and making it into yogurt, kefir, butter and cheese.  Our united message to the provincial governments across the country and the federal government as well is this:  “We are NOT going away and we ARE going to access this food regardless of “law”.  My question is, are we going to do it legally with sanitary measures and testing requirements or are we going to be forced to go back underground where the consumer has no idea whether the milk is produced properly or not?  The ball is in the governments court on the legal issue.  It is up to us to educate the politicians and Health Canada for that matter. Today in Toronto in front of Queens Park a large group of people (just over 100) came together to peacefully rally for the right to legally obtain raw milk.


Children want their milk!

Families came out with their children to demand their right to feed their kids what they choose.  Why is a mother not the best one to decide what is right to feed her child?  What kind of country have we become when we take a health giving food away from a child and tell a mother that she has no right to decide what  her kids eat and drink?  Oh wait!  That same mother can feed that same child cola drinks full of caffeine or processed junk snacks and that’s perfectly okay with government but raw milk isn’t?  She can also feed that same child processed lunch meat that is much more likely to make the child sick from food born illness.  As my youngest daughter would say “what’s up with that?”

For me these children are what this whole raw milk battle is really about.  I want to be able to obtain raw milk from the farmer of my choice without the interference of government but it’s far more important to me that my grandchildren and their children have legal access to it IF they choose to drink it. Why should young children like this have to beg government for the right to have a food that has proven through the centuries to be healthy when it’s produced in a safe way?  What is missing from this whole equation is the information on HOW this milk can be produced safely.  The Dept. of Health and the Dept. of Agriculture have not given Michael Schmidt a chance to explain to them how this can be done safely as, by the way, it is in many other countries.  Our government calls raw milk a “health hazard”.  If it’s such a health hazard then why do most countries in the world drink it?  Why have farmers been drinking it for years on their own farms and not dropping like flies?  Why, for that matter, is it legal and perfectly okay with government that farmers drink the raw milk from their own cows and feed that same milk to their children but they are taking away our right to have it?  Are farmers and their children somehow immune to the “hazards”?  Hardly!  The fact is that raw milk can and is being safely consumed right across this country of ours right under the noses of the milk police and people are getting healthier while essentially breaking the law.   Conservative MPP Randy Hillier and Liberal MPP Jack McLaren both spoke on our behalf today.  Randy Hillier  has long been an advocate of the raw milk movement and he was awesome!  These two politicians helped us when we were trying to get through to Premier McGuinty about talking to Michael Schmidt.  We are very grateful to both of them!  The basic message of their speeches today was to keep on talking about this issue to our elected representatives and to not give up.  Randy Hillier said that change has to happen and will happen but we have a lot of work to do.  Well work is not an issue for those of us passionate about food freedom so bring it on!

Conservative MPP Randy Hillier

Liberal MPP Jack McLaren

















Michael Schmidt did his usual magic and articulated very well what the message to government is.  Since most of you reading this did not hear him I am reprinting an e-mail that he sent last night to those of us who organized these rallies and events.  I think it says it all.

“There will be rallies and events across Canada to celebrate and assert our fundamental rights as it pertains to our body and our food.
As 25 armed officers raided our farm 5 years ago I announced thereafter that this date will go down in history as a turning point in regards to our willingness to resist and  our willingness to stand up to unjust laws.
In the great tradition of the civil rights movement and many brave and fearless leaders we begin to understand more and more our responsibility to act, to act without fear, to act with wisdom, to act with compassion for those who do not understand the consequences of inaction.
What started violently at our small farm has become a National issue and debate of great importance.
What started as a raw milk debate has become a basic Food Rights issue.
What started as a lonely journey years ago has become a movement of many, a movement of farmers, consumers, mothers, children, grand mothers and grand fathers.
What seemed an impossible dream is slowly becoming reality.
We will succeed, because we have dignity, because we have a sense of justice and because we have not lost our sense for responsible freedom.
We will succeed because we are not asking for the impossible.
We are taking back our fundamental right to make decisions in regards to our very personal basic needs.
We are taking back our fundamental right to freely engage privately with each other.
We are taking back our right to be free of fear from dictatorial agencies having hijacked our protection.
We are demanding a moratorium on further Government raids against farmers engaged in proper cow sharing.
We are demanding a continuation of the constructive political dialogue which started with the Premier of Ontario two weeks ago.
We are demanding a stop of the continuous misinformation by Health authorities in regards to our own choices.
Across Canada we will raise our “glass of fresh raw milk”-the symbol for Responsible Food Freedom.
Across Canada we will resist with determination and love.
Across Canada “we will stand on guard for thee”
With greetings and heartfelt thanks to each and everyone in every Province of Canada who celebrates tomorrows” Food Freedom Day”
And he did indeed raise his glass of fresh raw milk as a symbol of Responsible Food Freedom!  A glass of milk that was delivered by a child which I thought was a stroke of genius.   Whether the idea was premeditated or not, it was a great one!  Not even the most avid food police would arrest a child for “distributing raw milk”.  :0)
Much to my surprise and delight, we heard from  author John E. Erb (The Slow Poisoning of America) I have read this book and highly recommend it.  Really happy to meet this man in person!
I will end this message with a few more pictures and by giving thanks to all those people who made these cross country rallies a reality.  Personally I really appreciate each and every one of you for the time you put into organizing these rallies.  I know how much time and effort it takes to do these things!  Lets not forget that this is the beginning of the next leg of this battle to have access to raw milk.  Now we need to keep talking to our MPP’s and MP’s.  We need to educate them on the safe handling and processing of raw milk.  Instead of just demanding that they support us, I feel that we need to explain how this can be done safely and give them some examples of countries that are supplying raw milk safely.  Lets root out some facts to present government with.  Lets give the politicians the tools they need to be better educated so that they can then vote and speak about this with a better understanding.
We need to keep this movement going folks!  We can’t sit back now and let things ride.  If we want to find a way to have raw milk without government harassment of our farmers, we have to keep the pressure on at the government level.

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