The Fat Myths

As 2012 gets under way I wanted to talk about saturated fat and health.  At New Years we spent the weekend with dear friends who are caught in the belief system that margarine is a healthy food and butter is to be avoided because it will clog the arteries.  Much research has proven this belief to be wrong but unfortunately cardiologists, stuck in the old belief system about saturated fat, are still telling people that they must take cholesterol medication and that saturated fat is the enemy of the heart.  Time will prove them wrong as people keep dying from atherosclerosis while popping their drugs and eating low fat and pretend fat diets.  Mary Enig, PhD (Nutritional Bio-Chemistry) and Sally Fallon (Weston A. Price Foundation) wrote a paper called The Truth About Saturated Fats.  You can read this paper at this link  This is a long paper but so important to your health that it is definitely one you should be reading.

In this article titled Cholesterol and Heart Disease: A Phony Issue, Dr. Enig gives one a great deal to think about when it comes to fats and cholesterol.

Fat also improves diabetes and it’s risk factors.  See this article in LA Times,0,6787178.story.  It seems the palmitoleic acid in full milk fat reduces the risk of diabetes.  That brought up the question for me as to how does homogenization of milk reduce the palmitoleic content of milk for which I have not been able to find an answer online.  Perhaps there have been no research studies done on this.  If a reader knows of one I would be grateful for the link.  From what I can find pasteurization does not seem to affect palmitoleic acid.  I prefer raw milk in it’s  natural state for my diabetes prevention “medication”!  When whole foods are in their original form we don’t have to question whether components are destroyed or not.  What could be simpler?

People have  been duped into believing that fats from healthy animals are going to kill them and manufactured fats are going to be their life savers.  Good media coverage and lots of money for advertising by corporations who make these fats and drug companies who want us to eat them so we will need their drugs have built on and held these beliefs.

Another healthy saturated fat is unprocessed coconut oil.  It is anti-microbial and is burned readily by the body for fuel making it an excellent fat to consume on a daily basis.  In this paper Dr. Enig references medical studies that prove that coconut oil is a health fat.  Another excellent article on the benefits of coconut oil is at this link  Make sure if you buy coconut oil that it is in glass jars and that it is unprocessed.  Most health food stores carry this.

Of course olive oil and avocado oil are excellent non animal fats to consume on a regular basis as well.  Whole avocado’s are not just delicious but full of excellent fat.

In my work with the Gut & Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) program ( with clients, I am finding that when all double bond starches are removed from the diet (all grains, potatoes and sweet potatoes and all sugars except for small amounts of raw honey), people lose weight even though on this program healthy animal fats and coconut oil are consumed in abundance every day.  In my own case I lost 14 lbs. (12 of which was fat and 2 was water) in just under a month while eating high fat soups, bone marrow, raw butter, cultured raw cream and some cooked vegetables.  It proves to me that the number of calories does not always result in weight loss or weight gain.  It is what those calories are and how well your body is burning them that is important.  When there are no double bond sugars for the body to burn for energy, it begins to burn body fat.  Pretty interesting when you realize that we have been told the exact opposite about fat for the past 40 odd years as Canadians continue to get fatter and fatter.  Fat satisfies us so we don’t eat as much and it takes away the craving for sugar.  That is a fact.

Where your animal fats come from is the key here.  Animals need to be on pasture.  Diary cows need to be eating green grass in summer and hay in winter.  Beef cattle should not be “finished” on corn or grain.  Pigs need to be outside collecting up all the vitamin D their body fat can handle.  Chickens need to be eating bugs and grubs along with seeds and grasses.  Animals kept in barns eating mixed rations have altered fat ratios and acidic bodies that do not add to our health.  If you are in the Kitchener/Waterloo or Grey Bruce areas of Ontario you can find some of my favourite grass farmers on my website under Recommended Resources (

My final word on this is that I really hope that if you are reading this you will look at all these links and then be spurred on to do some of your own research.  Only by questioning will we ever find out the real truth about real food.  No advertisements on TV or in magazines are going to lead you to the truth about food.  They are all paid for by corporations looking to take your money, make you think that the easy way to prepare food is still healthy and that taste depends on their chemical soups.  Real food with real fat is the way back to health.

Margo McIntosh, RHN, RNCP, CGP















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