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Reading the Bovine today and inspired by a posting by Michael Schmidt.  I will put a link to the article at the end of my blog post.   I had to write about it here so that my thoughts are on paper.  My comment on Facebook this morning was “why is this man not running Ontario?”   Michael Schmidt or someone else like him is not likely to ever run Ontario because he is too interested in the actual well being of the general population and not enough interested in the well being of the general monopolies that control the money and the power.  Right across the world today we have uprising of people tired of the political mumbo jumbo that speaks with a big smile and a promise and then closes the door and does whatever the corporations that control the funding want them to do.  It’s so obvious and we complain constantly about it.  What do we do about it?  We elect the very same or worse into power the next time.  I have to think that we must have some honest politicians in Ontario who really do want to see social reform.  I have a feeling that some of those politicians are in government now and their hands are tied by political agendas that stop them from doing what they wanted to do in the first place.  Perhaps if we choose the areas of change we want to see happen and support those in government who agree with us, their hands will be untied.

A couple of years ago Michael Schmidt ran for public office in Ontario.  He didn’t get in.  It wasn’t surprising since he was in the middle of court battle over raw milk at the time and when it comes down to it, it seems that people would rather complain about government than elect someone into office who might just rock the boat of the status quo and make some changes happen.  Oh my!  What would happen if …………. changed.  Better stay with the status quo.

Every time it comes time to vote my husband tells me that this person or party is saying they will do such and such and that will help the business sector so we need to vote for them.  That will help the economy.  My point always is, without healthy food that creates healthy minds and bodies, business is doomed and long run so is the economy so why not go back to the basics and vote in someone who is looking to change the food system, the medical system and while their at it the condition of our air and water.  Go to the root cause as we do in alternative medicine.   Last election he told me that if I voted for the Green Party there was no chance they could get in this time so it was a wasted vote.  Wait a minute!  How many people are thinking the same thing?  How many people are sitting back thinking that voting for the party that is the least likely to screw up the province is the better of two evils?  So round and round the merry-go-round we go and guess were we end up?  Back to complaining about the current government that we elected in the first place!  What would happen if the people of Ontario refused to vote in the next election because we watch one party after another ignore our rights and wishes?  What would happen if all the polls were empty and we rebelled on mass that we want different people to run our government than the ones that come in and out of office over and over again doing the same things?   To me politics is all about who controls the money and saying whatever it takes to get elected.  When a candidate that doesn’t tow that line comes along and threatens to cause some disturbance to the nice safe game of government, they are attacked, belittled and often run off.  These candidates don’t have the big money backing their campaigns because they often don’t tow the line of being told what to say and do.

My father, deceased now for over 10 years, used to tell us that the people have no say anymore in the world and that a very small elite group of people is running this planet with not a care about any of us and I looked at him like he’d lost his mind.  I was still in the fairy tale world of believing that in Canada we are free, we have rights, we can create change, our government listens to us.  Well at 58 years old, I am seeing the light of that equation.  As I have organized a group across the country to bring together consumers in an effort to find a legal way to attain raw milk in this country, I have had quite a learning experience.  Most of the in the trenches local politicians don’t seem to have any idea that there is a raw milk battle or even a food freedom movement that they should be learning about.  I don’t have a lot of confidence that the levels of government above them are much more aware.  As more and more consumers band together to fight for the things they value most, freedom in food choices being one of them, I can only hope that the number of people this involves, will open the eyes of those who are supposed to be working for us at the regional government level at least.  Rallies against GMO’s, against cloning of animals, against raw milk laws, against undue tyranny towards farmers etc. etc. are happening across Canada and the US.

It’s interesting that as we see 2012 moving forward, we are seeing these battles heat up.  Many have said to me over the last few years that 2012 is nothing and nothing is going to happen.  The world won’t end.  There isn’t going to be an energy shift.  Look around folks, things are changing.  People are waking up to the reality that the way we have been doing things for the last 50 years is not working.  We are sicker, our children are plagued by physical and mental illness’s, our air is polluted, our food supply is tainted with chemicals and now GMO’s,  allergies, asthma, autoimmune illness, cancer, diabetes, obesity all on the RISE.  What is the word from government?  Follow Canada’s food guide, sterilize everything that can be sterilized, use processed oils, eat meat from the feedlot,  fill up on grains (some of which are GMO), eats lots of those pesticide covered vegetables and fruits, feed your babies commercial formula and jars of baby food puree and you’ll be fine.  We are NOT fine!  This is not working!   Suggest to me again that raw milk is dangerous, GMO’s are safe, pesticides are not killing the bees and causing cancer, babies are healthier on commercial formula and I should listen to the idea that lots of grains are healthy when the vast majority of Canadians are overweight and I might just start to jump up and down and scream like my little grand daughter does when she’s frustrated.  This is lunacy!  Where are the politicians that are willing to challenge this and actually work for the public good and not be stopped in their tracks by corporations demanding they shut up?  If we have any I’d sure like to know who they are because I would do whatever was in my power to help them get elected next time around.


2012 is a year that was forecast to be about change.  Some of us have been predicting a consciousness shift that will either lead to real change in the coming years or the planet won’t survive.  Look around you.  Have you ever seen such a movement for change on a lot of fronts all at the same time?  Ten years ago when I talked about changes needing to be made to the food guide, to the use of drugs, to the spraying of the plants, to the way we farm large scale, to the destruction of our air, to the way animals are treated even some in my own family thought I was getting too radical.  As of April 26, 2012 I read every day on the internet about more and more people not just saying these things need to be done but banding together to do something about it.  This is a consciousness shift people.  This is what was predicted for 2012.  So maybe the world won’t end in 2012 but it is never going to be the same again.  Radiation from Japan is hitting us even in Southern Ontario regardless of whether you are hearing about it on the evening news or not.  It’s a reality.  Our food system is in trouble.  Our medical system is putting a drug bandaid on everything, and as Michael Schmidt pointed out in his article, that is dismal failure.  It’s time for change.  It’s time to slow down from the rapid race that we are all in and look at what is important.  It doesn’t matter any more what the government thinks about our food.  In reality we do have the constitutional right to eat and drink whatever we choose.  We don’t have to follow like lambs to the slaughter and feed our family’s garbage that makes huge profits for corporations.  If we support farmers doing their best to raise animals and produce in a sustainable way, if we slow down and start to cook again at home, if we pay attention to what we are doing to the environment and if we refuse to fall prey to political agenda’s that have nothing to do with our safety or health, we have a chance at reclaiming health for our families and saving this planet.  Think what this could save the government in health care costs!  Yes it’s a bit like the Titanic to turn around but it can be done and needs to be done for future generations.  I’ve seen many people talk about Civil Disobedience in the last few years.  It seems that is the only way to be heard these days.  Sad, but true.

Bottom line is, our money and our votes can change things.  So can our being a little radical sometimes instead of going through every day complaining about what needs to be changed while looking at the ground trying not to get involved.

My challenge to you is this.  Find those politicians and those people, like Michael Schmidt, who see the need for change and are willing to speak up and not back down and give them your support.  Start to speak up yourself.  Choose those issues that are near and dear to your heart and do one small thing in the direction of making change happen.  Every mountain is moved one rock at a time.  Why not be the one who picks up the first rock in whatever activism you feel called to?

Here is an quote from the article that inspired my rant today.  ”

So let’s kill the sheep, let’s smokers die, let’s tolerate thousands of deaths as long as they make money to feed the hungry bureaucrats and as long as they are not jumbo jets because that would be hard to watch on television. The invisible suffering and dying is the politically correct way.”

Read the entire article “What does it profit a man?  Our culture of profiting from death and destruction.” on the Bovine at this link:

Another article that is of interest to this post is the talk that Wendell Barry did for the National Endowment for the Humanities in their Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities in Washington, DC.  Wendell Barry is a farmer and a famous writer who has been very vocal about his thoughts on many things including farming.  Here is a quote from the article “That disconnect is endemic to our era. “That we live now in an economy that is not sustainable is not the fault only of a few mongers of power and heavy equipment. We all are implicated,” Berry said. “By economic proxies thoughtlessly given, by thoughtless consumption of goods ignorantly purchased, now we all are boomers.”  Read the report of his speech at this link

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  1. Gaille Lieberthal

    Well said.Here’s hoping people will make choices that really count for the good we can do and be.

  2. I stumbled across your blog and read your article (or most of it – it is rather long). I agree with everything you said. As for politicians, I get very frustrated when the main goal of any political party is to get elected and thus they are afraid to come up with policies and prompt then at election time that they think will rock the boat of any sector of voters. I wish some party would use the election campaign to educate and explain their reasons for policies and then let the people decide. They might not get elected the first time but second time around when people start to see the sense behind what they say (and the honesty) they just might get elected.

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