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In this post as I wait patiently (NOT) for the Cheesepalooza project to get going, I am going to show you the equipment I have so far for cheese making.

Since I started with gouda cheese, the first piece of equipment I bought was a Kadova mold.  The Kadova is the exact shape for traditional gouda and leaves a beautiful smooth finish for the rind.  This can be purchased from Glengarry Cheese Company at  This mold is very sturdy and has a mesh liner (on the right) that eliminates the need for muslin or cheesecloth lining and is fantastic to use as a filter when removing whey from washed cheeses.

I didn’t want to invest in a cheese press until I knew if I was going to like cheese making or not so I improvised with a small breadboard and a dumb bell that I had in my workout room.  This type of dumb bell has different weights in 5 lb. increments so it works really well for cheese since you start with lower weight and increase over time to the optimum for the type of cheese you are making.  The Kadova mold is so strong and sturdy that it can take many lbs. of weight.  I do find though that when I tried to make cheddar with it and had to add a second weight on the top that it was like a leaning tower and I had to end up balancing it against the wall to keep it standing up straight.

Here is my cheese cave.  It’s a wine fridge that has flat shelves rather than the shaped one that most wine fridges have.  I got it at Future Shop in Canada.  This works really well.  I have to add a bowl of water at the bottom of it with a tea towel hanging out to make sure the moisture content is adequate but it holds a temperature of 48 to 60 degrees quite easily.  These are two farmers cheddars aging in vacuum seals.  This is the first time I’ve vacuum sealed cheese so I’m going to age them and see what happens.  Besides, I was going away for a week holidays and didn’t want to worry about anything going moldy when I was away.  All my gouda has been chomped this summer so  need to get some more made.


Following are miscellaneous tools that every cheese maker needs.  I also have a good supply of white flour bag tea cloths that are used only for cheese making and some butter muslin and regular tight weave muslin which I keep for this one purpose and wash in a sterilizing solution before I use them.


This is a 14 quart stainless steel stock pot sitting inside a canning pot of warm water on the stove.  I love the new cheese thermometer I bought from Glengarry Cheese Company because it has a really long shaft and a clip so it doesn’t keep falling into the milk.

Assorted tools all sterilized and ready for another cheese making adventure.

This is my stainless steel cheese cutter.  I love this tool.  I was using a plastic one that didn’t do nearly as nice a job and found this stainless one for a  much lower price than the ones I was seeing at the other cheese supply companies.  It came from the Cheese Maker at this link.

Also from the Cheese Maker I got the newest addition to my cheese making family, this stainless steel press.  I’m struggling with getting the right pressure with it but once I figure that out I know I will be glad I bought it.  Very good quality.


So there you have it.  My tools ready and waiting for the next cheese making adventure.  Stay tuned for the dill havarti incident in my next post!

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  1. Way to go!!!

  2. You have my dream mould, I would love to have a Kadova, I just can’t justify the expense. Well done with your cheesemaking tools. I am thinking about ordering the curd cutter, I have tried making a harp but so far it has not been pretty.

  3. Excellent information for me. I am studying this and will have questions!!!

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