Michael Schmidt Granted Leave to Appeal

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Today in Toronto at Osgoode Hall, Michael Schmidt was granted leave to appeal the conviction related to producing, selling and distributing raw milk.  This is fantastic news for our side of this raw milk debate.  The constitutional rights of consumers are being considered here as well.  We have the right to drink and purchase raw milk so if we are blocked from a source for it, does it violate our  constitutional right to put into our bodies what we choose?  Karen Selick had examples of when this constitutional right issue was challenged before in the abortion, drug and marijuana cases.  For example, in the case of the drug injection sites, Ms. Selick argued that the court found that the citizens of Canada had the right to inject themselves with drugs if they choose to and safe injections sites were born.  The court found that a woman has the right to eliminate a pregnancy if she chooses and therefore the doctor hired to do that safely for her is not liable for prosecution.  Why then should we not have the ability to hire a farmer and have him produce our milk for us even though drinking raw milk may be seen as “dangerous” by some?  Drugs are dangerous!  Abortion isn’t condoned by society as a whole!  Many people believe that marijuana is dangerous and yet is now allowed for medical reasons!  Milk should be no different.

Is it possible that Canada has limited the rights of Canadians under the Charter by attempting to stop our farmers from providing us with a product that is perfectly legal for us to acquire and consume?  Is the Government of Canada interfering with our right to put into our bodies whatever we want to in this case?  Of course those of us fighting this battle believe that is exactly what is happening and we will see what a higher court has to say about that.

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