GMO Rally April 9, 2013

Today  I attended a rally against GMO alfalfa which took place in Waterloo.  Guelph, Stratford and a variety of other towns in the province had rally’s as well.  This action was hosted by the National Farmers Union Local 340, Council of Canadians Guelph Chapter, Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, OPIRG-Guelph and the Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice.

Doesn't this child say it all?

We heard farmers, mothers and activists give their reasons for stopping Monsanto from pushing GMO alfalfa on us.

Fantastic turnout!


It warms my heart to see the mothers with little children coming out to these demonstrations.  After all what we are fighting for is their future, their health and their planet.



What many consumers don’t understand about this GMO battle is that once these seeds are let loose in our ecosystem they cannot be taken back.  GMO alfalfa will contaminate all alfalfa.  Why should that make any difference to you?  Right now you have the right to choose organic foods for your family.  If GMO alfalfa is introduced into farming in Canada you will no longer have that choice.  Why?  Because farmers rely heavily on alfalfa for feed and for crop.  Alfalfa has a very high nutritional profile and is needed to feed farm animals.  If the meat you buy or the milk you drink is coming from an animal that was fed GMO feed, that animal is no longer organic and pure.  As the little girl above has on her sign, this is a big science experiment and nobody knows for sure where it will lead especially not the government that is seriously considering allowing this.

Would you want to be a politician who did nothing to stop GMO contamination when these children are grown and facing health issues with themselves and their children?  Who is going to explain to them that money spoke louder than their health and their future?



The Farmers Daughter - Melissa Baer

Melissa and her father Dennis Baer have an organic grass fed beef farm near Baden Ontario.  Melissa explained that they rely heavily on alfalfa feed for their cows.   Organic certification will mean nothing if GMO alfalfa is introduced here.  Her small family farm and many more like it could be threatened .



So where does that leave organic farmers?  The organic industry is the fastest growing sector in farming right now.  Does our government really want to destroy the livelihood of organic farmers and take away the right of consumers to choose organic foods free of GMO’s?

We are under an illusion if we believe that government has our best interests at heart.  If they really want us to believe that they should be elected again then they need to stop Monsanto and kick them out of our country with their GMO seeds and their glyphosate.


The local MP, Peter Braid, whose office we were demonstrating outside of, came out to speak to us.  He was pleasant, listened to our concerns and it was painfully evident that he had no idea what a huge mistake his government is considering making.  He also had no idea that introducing this into the environment would endanger the farmers in his own riding.   Since the Waterloo area is one of the richest in the province for farms, how do you think that will help his chances or his parties the next time there is an election?   He told one of the young mothers that he has children as well.  Obviously he needs to do some research on this issue or risk his own children and grandchildren’s futures.   He told us that we needed to leave this decision up to the scientists, the CFIA and Health Canada.  That is when I lost it and had to comment.  What scientists?  The ones bought and paid for by Monsanto who will say and do what they are told to do?  Anyone who understands anything about research knows that the results of research can be interpreted to say anything the person paying for it wants it to say.  The scientists who have stood up and spoken out against the use of GMO’s have been fired, persecuted, ridiculed and have even disappeared.  I told this politician that when there was INDEPENDENT long term research showing the long term effects of GMO’s are harmless, then and only then would I agree to it.  There is no such research.  I reminded him that he was elected to represent us at parliament and that we need our MP’s and our MPP’s to speak for us and stand up for us.  I reminded him, as did a couple of the farmers that commented, that once GM alfalfa is released, it is too late.  We can’t take it back.  We are stuck with the consequences which we don’t even completely understand yet.   We cannot and should not take that risk.

Andrew Kohl recorded this short video of Dr. Pusztai and Dr. Huber speaking about GMO’s.  There are full length DVD’s which include interviews with these doctors available for sale from BioAg in Wellesley, Ontario.


Dr. Suzuki has been warning of global issues since I was a young girl.  GMO’s are one of the issues he is warning us about.  People have called him a radical and ridiculed his science but guess what?  What he warned about back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s is coming to pass on this planet.  I believed him then and I believe him now. Many people are realizing that what we are being told is lies and what is even more scary, in my opinion, is that our government is selling us down the tube for the almighty dollar.







This farmer grows organic vegetables north of Waterloo.  I’m sorry I didn’t hear her name.  If someone reading this knows her please let me know her name and I’ll put it in here.  She spoke very well to the issues that she and farmers like her will face if this happens.  The bees are dying in part because of GMO’s, her vegetables are dependent on insects for pollination and her status as an organic farmer is at stake here.


There are many issues facing small farms and the introduction of GMO’s is one that could destroy some of the farms that many of us depend on for our food.  Big Ag in Canada doesn’t care about the small family farm or the organic farms.  Lots of lip service is being given by government in support of local food systems and promoting Canadian farming.  The problem is farmers will be hurt by the introduction of yet another GMO seed especially one so widely used and depended on as alfalfa.

Our MP, Peter Braid said that we have a choice whether to buy GM produced products or not.  Perhaps we need to educate the politicians on mass about the real impact on not just the farmer but the consumers choice.  We told him today that we WOULD NOT be able to choose to avoid GMO if GMO alfalfa is introduced because it will end up in all organic foods eventually.  Hopefully this will make this MP think about the farmers and the consumers in his riding who can and will be hurt by a decision made my his government to give Monsanto the go ahead to introduce more GMO’s to Canada.  He was also reminded that most of the European countries have banned Monsanto and GMO’s.  Sorry Mr. Braid but these decisions ARE political decisions.  Politicians can make a difference in whether or not GM foods have a stranglehold on our country or not.  YOU and others like you can make sure we are heard at government and that the mass rallies and outcries about this are part of the political banter that goes on in government.  Hiding behind the excuse that science knows best for us is a BIG mistake because the “science” politicians are depending on is bought and paid for by the very companies looking to gain the most from GMO foods.

So the sign that has the quote from Dr. Suzuki above states “Any politician or scientist who tells you these GMO products are safe is either very stupid or lying.”  Which one do you think fits Health Canada and the other people in government who allow this to happen?

Here is a video that Andrew Kohl produced at the rally.

My last word?  See this woman’s sign?  You got it!  HELL NO GMO!!!!!!


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