Blog Purpose

Welcome to Balance Your Apple!  Using apple as an analogy for your life, think about how important balance is.  We are juggling so many things these days that one tip in either direction and the apple can come tumbling down.  How you balance your apple will determine how you experience your life.  Within this blog we will be talking about various subjects related to a life in balance starting with nourishing our bodies with food that will also nourish our minds.

You will find articles written by real farmers working to bring back the traditional ways of farming that nourish the land, the animals, the people on the farm and the people who eat the food.  Learn about the grass roots movement going back to supporting our local farms and how to recognize one that is healthy and life supporting instead of polluting and unhealthy.  There is a big difference between a sustainable farm with a farmer working with his land, nourishing it, respecting it and being in touch with it’s needs and the needs of his animals and one who exploits his land, uses chemicals to fast produce crops and mass produces animals and birds in terrible conditions.  Animals raised on the first type of farm are treated well, have a relationship with their caregivers that is mutually respectful and these animals produce healthy food.  Crops grown on land that is cared for well have higher nutrient levels and taste better.  By educating ourselves and buying from sustainable local farmers we can feel good knowing that we are supplying our families with the best possible food, helping to support the local economy, reducing the environmental impact and supporting humane treatment of animals.  You will find articles on various aspects of health from physical to emotional as the blog unfolds.  Join us and lets get back to healthy basics!

Since the blog began I have retired from my private practice and taken up the cause of decriminalizing raw milk in Canada.  Consumers should be able to choose their own foods and raw milk is one that I choose to put into my body.  Please see for more information on our initiative and consider joining us.

I am a co-chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation in Wellesley, Wilmot townships in Southern Ontario.

Margo McIntosh, RHN, RNCP, CGP (Retired)

Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner, GAPS Practitioner and Weston A. Price Chapter Leader