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May 13

Important Talk For Those Interested In Raw Milk On Either Side of the Fence

May 15, 2013     Hello Everyone,   Tomorrow, May 16, 2013, a researcher in British Columbia is presenting to the Center for Disease Control.  This presentation is something that I think all people interested in raw milk, both for and against, should be listening to.  Here is the announcement that Ms. Ijaz posted on […]

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Aug 12

Cheesepalooza Butter

I have been making butter for a long time and decided that as part of the Cheesepalooza project I would do a comparison so that we might all learn something.  I used 2 500 ml. jars of fresh cream and heated them to 110 degrees in warm water on top of the stove.  My pictures […]

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Jul 12

Raw Milk in Canada and Research Possibilities

Well the intent of this blog in the beginning was to talk about balancing a life by eating good food, keeping stress at bay and learning lifestyle habits that support those things.  It has turned out to be more of an activist blog but  I find myself so busy these days that my own blog […]

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Mar 12

Raw Milk In Canada – A Solution

It’s been a couple of months since I have posted.  Life got busy and I’ve been working in the background for the food freedom/raw milk movement.  I’ve been slowly writing an article which today I feel I need to present here.  This battle for raw milk has been going on for over 20 years and […]

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Jan 12

The Fat Myths

As 2012 gets under way I wanted to talk about saturated fat and health.  At New Years we spent the weekend with dear friends who are caught in the belief system that margarine is a healthy food and butter is to be avoided because it will clog the arteries.  Much research has proven this belief […]

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Oct 11

Reflections of a Raw Milk Consumer and Advocate – How Did I Get to This Place of Supporting Michael Schmidt

As I sit in my office at 10 p.m. on Tuesday the 25th of October without solid food in my stomach because I have been doing the solidarity fast in support of Michael Schmidt, I have been doing some deep thinking.  This evening a client asked me why I got into this.  She knows how […]

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Oct 11

Pathologist on Safety of Raw Milk

Have a listen to this radio program with Dr. Ted Beals, a US pathologist, speaking about the safety of raw milk.  A must listen!!!!

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Oct 11

Brad Martin on Grass Fed Beef

This is a newsletter that Echo Valley Grass Fed Beef put out this fall.  I liked the way he explains how a farm like his raises the animals and about what makes this type of meat so much better than conventional that I thought I’d post it here for your education.  More information on why […]

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Sep 11

Thoughts On Eggs

Just visited Dragonfly Farm outside of Chatsworth, Ontario ( and bought some eggs from Cindy and Mike Wilhelm.  Mike and I talked about the way that people think about food these days.  On the way home I got to thinking about how we have come to view eggs.  A week ago I was out of […]

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Sep 11

Raw Milk Safety Lecture With Michael Schmidt – What I Learned

Once in a while we are blessed to meet people who are born to stand up for what is right and have the ability to motivate others to also wake up and speak. To my mind Michael Schmidt is one of those people. Through all the adversity he has faced since the raid on his […]

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