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May 13

Important Talk For Those Interested In Raw Milk On Either Side of the Fence

May 15, 2013     Hello Everyone,   Tomorrow, May 16, 2013, a researcher in British Columbia is presenting to the Center for Disease Control.  This presentation is something that I think all people interested in raw milk, both for and against, should be listening to.  Here is the announcement that Ms. Ijaz posted on […]

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Apr 13

GMO Rally April 9, 2013

Today  I attended a rally against GMO alfalfa which took place in Waterloo.  Guelph, Stratford and a variety of other towns in the province had rally’s as well.  This action was hosted by the National Farmers Union Local 340, Council of Canadians Guelph Chapter, Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, OPIRG-Guelph and the Guelph Wellington Coalition for […]

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Feb 13

Raw Diary on Trial Again in BC

The last few days the attempt of court cases against Michael Schmidt and Gordon Watson have been happening in BC.  We should know the results of that by the end of the day today.  This case has gone on for months and has cost tax payers thousands of dollars.  I can’t even begin to explain […]

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Oct 12

Montana Jones – LifeStock 2012

Before I begin to write about the LifeStock event yesterday in Hastings, Ontario, I want to show you some pictures that are just plain heartwarming.                                       The Shepherd and her charges.  These sheep love and trust this […]

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Sep 12

Support For Raw Milk Farmers In Ontario

Today about 30 people were at a farm just north of Clinton, Ontario in the cold and rain to show support for their cow share farmer.  Raw milk consumers are realizing the importance of speaking up and supporting their farmers.  Farmers who board, care for and milk cows for informed consumers deserve our support when […]

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Jul 12

Michael Schmidt Granted Leave to Appeal

This is a posting I did for the News link and I am reposting it here.  YIPPY!!!!!!!!! Today in Toronto at Osgoode Hall, Michael Schmidt was granted leave to appeal the conviction related to producing, selling and distributing raw milk.  This is fantastic news for our side of this raw milk debate.  The constitutional […]

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Jul 12

Practical Farmers Union in Ontario

We have a new farmers union here that is looking to new ideas in order to help our food system and small farmers at the same time.  Its’ time for a change to the way agriculture is practiced in Canada and this new farmers union is my bet for the one that will help to […]

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Jul 12

Raw Milk in Canada and Research Possibilities

Well the intent of this blog in the beginning was to talk about balancing a life by eating good food, keeping stress at bay and learning lifestyle habits that support those things.  It has turned out to be more of an activist blog but  I find myself so busy these days that my own blog […]

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Jan 12

Why You Can’t Find Heritage Poultry Anymore

Excellent article in the Globe & Mail on this subject that is so dear to my activist heart!  I hope Steven Harper does completely get rid of supply management in Ontario.  I want to be able to buy pastured chickens, turkeys and eggs and I believe it’s my constitutional right to do so!  How did […]

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Nov 11

Letter to Legislature

This letter was written by Jan Steinman, a BC dairy goat farmer. Jan was one of the people who coordinated the Victoria rally on November 23, 2011. Dear Legislative Assembly Member Coell, I am a constituent in your riding, and would like your support in a matter that impacts food sovereignty, support of local farming, […]

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